HAS-CON | Safety Health and Environment Companion

Audit Templates

Pro-forma documents and templates have been prepared to ensure that a strategic audit process is followed.
If utilized correctly, the audit process should assist to fulfil the requirements of SANS 14001 and SANS 45001.


Features provided in the documents:



Instructions on the use of Audit Templates

Provides a guideline to the use of all the templates.


Audit Process Announcement 

This document can be used to inform the auditee regarding the:



Purpose of the audit


Integrity of audit protocol


Process of audit to be followed


Audit Confirmation 

This document can be used to confirm with the auditee regarding the following:



To assess and agree on the scope of the audit


Questionnaire is provided to ensure appropriate preparation for the audit pre-meeting


If required, additional questions can be added


Pre-audit Meeting

This document can be used to: 



To confirm the final tactics and procedure of the audit to prevent minimum disturbances in the Company’s operations


Verify most of the operational health and safety issues


Final Audit Report

The final audit report contains the following: 


Covering letter : Provides the details of the audit and what is included in the report

Part 1 & 2 :



Part 1: Introduction: providing the overall information regarding the workplace


Part 2: Executive summary : providing an overview of audit findings and recommendation


Part 3 :



Detailed written report with space to include photos as evidence of findings

Part 4 :



Selected audit report including the statistical findings


Findings and Recommendations

This spreadsheet includes: 


A detailed summary of the information of the completed audit

This document is key for the consolidation of the audit conducted


Ideal to be utilized by the employer to action and implement corrective measures accordingly

SHE Employer'sCompanion

Designed to assist the Employer to establish and maintain a SHE structure and system.

SHE Auditor'sCompanion

Designed to assist SHE Specialists to conduct detailed and in-depth SHE audits.


HAS-CON can assist your company to produce customized SHE Governance documents.