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Evacuation Plans

A company may have many reasons for establishing and maintaining an occupational health and safety (OH&S) program.

A definite plan to deal with emergencies is an important element of an OH&S program.

The absence of an emergency plan could lead to severe losses such as loss of life and a possible financial collapse of an organization.

Besides providing guidance during an emergency, developing the emergency plan has other advantages viz.:


previously ignored risks and hazards may be uncovered;
shortfalls are brought to light before an emergency occurs (for example lack of fire extinguishers, safety equipment, trained staff, non-compliant building facilities etc.);
it promotes safety awareness and shows the organization's commitment to the safety of employees and non-employees;
it is a legal requirement.


HAS-CON can provide, under the direction of your Health and Safety Consultant or an assigned competent person, schematic Escape Plans for medium and smaller buildings.

Please however take note that the Escape Plan schematic drawings, that are compiled by us, are regarded as a supplement for your overall legal documented Emergency Plan for which the Client (Site Owner) is accountable for.

Before HAS-CON will thus be able to provide a quote of the scope of work to design any meaningful Escape Plan diagrams, it will be a pre-requisite that the following is available from the client:


a documented Evacuation Plan which has been approved and signed off by the legally appointed Accountable Person for the site;
a confirmation that an emergency planning risk assessment was concluded by a competent person and that all the necessary emergency scenarios and their legal requirements have been dealt with and contained in the Evacuation Plan document;
An acknowledgement of any professional and legal bodies that have been consulted which could include the Site Emergency Planning Co-ordinator, Health and Safety Consultant, Local Authority (Fire Chief) and any other Accredited Specialist that may have been required to provide insight and approval as indicated by any legal requirement, occupation certificate or the risk assessment that was conducted;
A pdf copy of the building plans which provides all the information for designing the Escape Plans. (a list of the finer details of the information that we would require to draw up the Escape Plans will be provided once it has been confirmed that the rest of the above is available).


Hence, we will require all the above information from the client and thus we do not provide a service:


to visit a site to identify or determine suitable escape route information;
provide a service to draw up fire safety building plans for approval by local authority;
do an evaluation of evacuation equipment or signage required for a workplace;
to determine any legal or local authority requirements that are required for a site.

A sample of an Escape Plan:


Escape Plan ...........................................................................................................


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