HAS-CON | Safety Health and Environment Companion

SHE Risk Assessment

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that an employer must ensure that the hazards and risks regarding the workplace and its operations are identified and evaluated.

It is thus required that a risk assessment, of the Company’s health and safety hazards and environmental impacts, is performed.

A guideline and various templates are provided.


Contents of Risk Assessment guideline:


•  Elements in risk assessment process

•  Assigning a Specialist to perform a risk assessment

•  Preparation & Planning

•  Hazard identification and basic risk factors

•  Office environment risk assessment

•  Technical environment risk assessment

•  Quantifying and prioritizing action of residual risk rating


Annexures - Forms & Templates for:

1.  Risk Assessment List & Risk Profile

2.  Risk Rating by Quantifying Risks & Priority of Action

3.  Action Planning, Control Measures & Job Safety Analysis

4.  Risk Management for Hazard Identification & Reviews

5.  Environmental Aspects and Impact

6.  Hazardous Substances

7.  Resource Consumption

8.  Waste and Effluent  

SHE Employer'sCompanion

Designed to assist the Employer to establish and maintain a SHE structure and system.

SHE Auditor'sCompanion

Designed to assist SHE Specialists to conduct detailed and in-depth SHE audits.


HAS-CON can assist your company to produce customized SHE Governance documents.