HAS-CON | Safety Health and Environment Companion

SHE Structure

This document focuses on the legal appointments that are referred to in Section 17 to Section 20 of the Act. It also includes the general appointment of an Environmental Management System Responsible Person.


Contents of Health & Safety Committee guideline:


•  Assigning H&S Responsibilities

•  Objectives of H&S Committee

•  Legal orientation pertaining to the appointment of H&S Representatives

•  Recommended appointment process for the H&S Representatives

•  Legal orientation pertaining to the duties of H&S Representatives

•  Legal orientation pertaining to the appointment of the H&S Committee and their duties

•  Practical application of the H&S Structure

•  Forms :

   1. Confirmation of appointments required

   2. Nomination list

   3. Voting letter

   4. Appointment forms

   5. Reporting flowchart

   6. Agenda for H&S Committee

   7. Minutes for H&S Committee

   8. Covering letters for circulation of documents

   9. Inspection form for H&S Representative & Environmental Management Responsible Person

SHE Employer'sCompanion

Designed to assist the Employer to establish and maintain a SHE structure and system.

SHE Auditor'sCompanion

Designed to assist SHE Specialists to conduct detailed and in-depth SHE audits.


HAS-CON can assist your company to produce customized SHE Governance documents.