HAS-CON | Safety Health and Environment Companion

SHE Reporting and Corrective Action

The compliance audit report can ideally be used in the field to conduct an audit. On completion of the audit, a professional report can be compiled and printed for the employer / accountable person with a detailed statistical summary and graph.


Features provided in the Audit Manual:

•  Index sheet is included which gives quick access to the audit topics in the workbook.

•  Control sheet is been provided whereon all the relevant information regarding the audit can be inserted.
   The information is automatically transferred to form part of the audit report.

•  Audit report covering sheet contains the audit particulars and audit inspection statistics.

•  Compliance achievement is automatically calculated as an average compliance / non-compliance per question and per topic.
   This will indicate the target % achieved and can be used as a corrective objective or as an appraisal for the Section that has been audited.
   (besides compliance achievement levels, these results can also be used as a measure for behaviour-based safety performance). .

•  Statistical chart of compliance / non compliance achievement is also automatically generated for the audit.

•  Auto-filter and hyperlinked action buttons included to simplify and speed-up moving between the spreadsheets and workbooks.

•  The 'search' facility of M.S. Excel can be used for quick access of key words.

•  On completion of an audit / inspection, the document can be saved under a different name for record keeping purposes

SHE Employer'sCompanion

Designed to assist the Employer to establish and maintain a SHE structure and system.

SHE Auditor'sCompanion

Designed to assist SHE Specialists to conduct detailed and in-depth SHE audits.


HAS-CON can assist your company to produce customized SHE Governance documents.